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The mediators who work at the Circuit Courts of Maryland may not be available during this COVID-19 crisis. Therefore if you are in litigation and/or have been ordered to mediation, Nancy Caplan, Esquire will honor the fee schedule charged by the Circuit Court in which your case is tried until the Courts return to normal service. Ms. Caplan will require basic information about your litigation including case number. If you are represented by counsel, I would prefer that counsel make the request for mediation even if counsel does not intend to participate in the mediation.

Monthly Q & A Seminar on Separation & Divorce Mediation

Due to the COVID-19 virus, Nancy Caplan, Esquire is offering mediation via video-conferencing. Please email or call 410-296-2190 for details. The March 19, 2020 Divorce Mediation Seminar is cancelled until further notice.

During the COVID-19 crisis, Nancy Caplan, Esquire is scheduling video-conference 30 minute consultations at no charge to prospective couples facing separation, divorce or custody matters. Both parties must participate in the consultations. All consultations must be arranged via joint email with both parties to

COVID-19 Separation Divorce Custody Mediation Information

Thank you for educating yourself about the options available to take you through the process of separation and divorce.

Often one spouse or the other or both may be reluctant to try mediation. This is the perfect opportunity to get the information you need without feeling obligated and at no cost. Couples OR individuals seeking information are welcome to the seminar. The Seminar will help de-mystify the process without pressure. Space is limited. People must make reservations to attend.

To reserve your space, click here, contact our office and learn:

  • Why Mediation? Why not?
  • How are my legal rights protected in mediation?
  • What if my spouse won't agree to attend mediation?
  • What preparation will we need to mediate?
  • Can the Mediator Draft a Separation or Marital Settlement Agreement?
  • Do we need lawyers?
  • How long will it take?
  • How much will it cost?
Understand the Difference Between Mediation and Attorney-Led Negotiations and Litigation?

It is up to you to choose between a settlement process where de-escalation is the goal and the parties are the negotiators; or to choose an adversarial negotiation where attorneys are the negotiators who negotiate under threat of or actual filing of litigation. Your circumstances may lead you towards one path or the other. Learn the basics of how both processes work to understand the differences and make a good decision for both of you.

Learn the Specifics About how Nancy Caplan, Esquire Mediates Separation and Divorce Matters

Hear about the process before you begin. Understand the costs and efforts that are part of mediation with Ms. Caplan.

Help, my Spouse Won’t Mediate

Find out how your spouse can be made aware of the benefits of mediation to allow you both to choose a settlement process to arrive at your settlement together.

Q & A

Ask a question about the process of mediation or listen to the questions posed by others.

Become oriented to the topics of family law mediation such as:

  • Legal Custody: Who will make major decisions, relating to health, education, and the religious upbringing of the Children? Who will decide where the children will live?

  • Physical Custody: Where will the Children sleep each night? What will be the Regular Schedule of the Children during the school year? What is the summer schedule? How will holidays be scheduled? How are birthdays split? What about vacations and traveling with the Children?

  • Child Support: What is the income of each party? How are the Maryland Child Support Guidelines calculated? Who pays for clothing, medical care, extracurricular activities, camp? Will there be an agreement relating to college expenses? What about the special needs of some Children like tutoring? What about transportation costs where the parents live far apart?

  • Health Insurance: How will we all keep our health insurance? How will the premium be paid? What about health costs not covered by insurance?

  • Using the Family Home: Where Husband and Wife and the Children live? Will one spouse stay in the Family Home? If so, for how long? How will the mortgage or rent be paid? What about the other bills for the Family Home? Are we going to sell the Family Home? Will one spouse keep the Family Home and refinance to remove the other from mortgage obligations? What is refinancing the Family Home is not possible?

  • Alimony/Spousal Support: Does one spouse need support? How much and for how long?

  • Personal Property: Furniture, cars, bank accounts, stock accounts?

  • Retirement Accounts: How are IRA's, 401k's, Pensions and other retirement accounts divided?

  • Debts, Credit Cards: Who pays what? Will we pay off this debt when the Family Home is sold or another way?

Attorney-mediator Nancy Caplan, Esquire offers you this opportunity to learn about the options in an initial orientation for prospective mediation participants during this evening no-cost seminar. Stop wondering what you should do and begin to gather your information about how the process which you will negotiate works. Reservations are required.

Directions to Seminar

The Seminar is located in Dulaney Plaza directly across from Towsontown Center. This is the Plaza with the FRESH MARKET, however, you must drive BEHIND the FRESH MARKET to the office building with Records and Tape Traders and Race Pace Bicycle. You will see an awning on the side of that building (#744). That entrance is the elevator lobby. Take the elevator to the 3rd floor, Suite 1.