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Emergency Mediation for Holiday Disputes.
Avoid permanent co-parenting damage! Many parenting agreements lack specificity and/or are ambiguous which causes co-parents to have unnecessary and very painful disputes during the holiday season. Do not ruin your holidays for you or your children. Bend, don’t break! Mediate! Emergency mediation is conducted by Zoom teleconference. Email Nancy Caplan, Esquire attorney & mediator at to get your standard informational guide to setting an appointment. Or call 410-296-2190.

Separation and Divorce Mediation During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, our office offered a free consultation by Zoom where couples who were considering mediation in Maryland for separation, divorce, child custody, alimony and child support and property settlements. The free consultation by Zoom was a way for couples to orient themselves to the process of mediation for divorce and custody matters, where a couple could learn in an informal setting about how Nancy Caplan, attorney and mediator helped them to reach settlement on all of the issues relating to separation and divorce. The free seminar and the question and answer period were a good way to get the feel of how a family could deal with the traumatic events of separation and divorce in a sensible and non-adversarial manner.

Of course, free seminars where we all gather in a small space are temporarily unavailable during the crisis of Covid-19. And so, the legal processes have adapted to meet the needs of families who are facing separation and divorce, including Nancy Caplan, Esquire, Mediator. Accordingly, Ms. Caplan now provides a free teleconference consultation appointment for couples who can agree that consideration of mediation for separation, divorce or custody may be a smart way to avoid the emotional and financial devastation of expensive legal fees incurred where attorneys conduct the negotiations. The consultation is conducted by the now well-known teleconference platform called “Zoom.” Mediation by Zoom may lack in interpersonal interaction however, it is convenient and provides an unintended benefit allowing couples from all over Maryland to easily access the mediation process that Ms. Caplan has provided to Marylanders for almost 15 years. Since Zoom teleconference can be done from your home, the county where you live is not a barrier to accessing Nancy Caplan, attorney and mediator who is located in Baltimore County, Maryland. Since the pandemic has begun, many couples are finding that access to their divorce mediator by Zoom is easier than ever. Couples from around the State of Maryland, including Montgomery County and the Eastern Shore have easy access to Ms. Caplan.

The free consultation is being provided as a public service while we are all learning to conduct business by teleconference. You will be able to meet your attorney and mediator, Nancy Caplan, and you will get a feel for how the mediation process for separation and divorce works on the Zoom teleconference platform. During the free consultation appointment, Nancy Caplan will answer your questions about how the process works, and how to prepare your financial information for a separation and divorce mediation. You can ask Ms. Caplan questions about how divorce in Maryland proceeds, and you can ask general information about Alimony, Child Custody, Child Support, use of a family home, refinance of a family home, how to go about dividing the furniture and furnishings, cars and bank accounts, retirement assets, debts, and life insurance. The free consultation can help you better understand the process you are facing. Knowledge is power, and the more you understand how separation and divorce mediation work, the more at ease you will be.

The free consultation will likely shave off time from your mediation sessions, since Ms. Caplan will be able to provide you guidance about preparing for your mediation, and will provide you with an overview of the participation agreement we will sign before starting the mediation. Some of the educational content of our free consultation would ordinarily be part of the first mediation session since couples need to understand how the mediation process works. Most couples appreciate any reduction in expensive fees while they are incurring the expense of separation and divorce.

There may also be unique circumstances arising from the Covid-19 pandemic that feel overwhelming when simultaneously experiencing separation and divorce. Child custody and online learning present unusual circumstances for any couple coping with the pandemic, and even more so when going through separation and divorce. Be assured that your agreements can be detailed and can address the unique circumstances, and there are solutions to the issues of divorce that families are facing. Let Nancy Caplan, Esquire, Mediator, be your mediator for separation and divorce in Maryland. To see if that makes sense for your family, make your appointment for your free consultation by Zoom teleconference today. Nancy Caplan, attorney and mediator of Maryland Divorce Mediation & Legal Services can assist you through this overwhelming process in a productive and less stressful way. There is no obligation if you have a free consultation; you will not be asked to make an appointment at the consultation. You will have the ability to discuss with your spouse in private whether mediation with Ms. Caplan is right for your family. You will not be obligated in any way to follow-up following the free consultation, and you will not be solicited after the free consultation. Whether a couple chooses to move forward with Ms. Caplan as your mediator for separation and divorce mediation in Maryland, will be your private choice to make in private! Mediation for separation and divorce is a decision that families must make themselves. After your free consultation you will be equipped with the understanding of how mediation in Maryland with Nancy Caplan, Esquire works, and that is a productive and smart first step.

Help is here. Schedule your free consultation today by calling 410-296-2190 or by emailing Nancy Caplan, attorney and mediator at Let Nancy Caplan, Esquire send you an informational email describing how much mediation costs, and how long mediation takes in a typical case. With allof the uncertainty of the Covid-19 pandemic, gaining an understanding of the legal process that you must face will help you to feel more in control of the traumatic circumstances of separation and divorce.

You may not have chosen separation and divorce, and none of us have chosen this horrible Covid-19 pandemic, but you can face these issues and choose to reduce your stress and keep legal fees down. We don’t always choose our circumstances, but we can choose with how we deal with the adversity of separation and divorce. Take the first step. Call for your free consultation for separation and divorce in Maryland at 410-296-2190.